Ananya Finance has come into existence as a double bottom line venture with a mission to support socially responsible enterprises in India. While Ananya’s origins lie in the wholesale lending Programs of FWWB, India (one of the earliest private sector wholesale lending organizations in India) Ananya’s Board and senior leadership is dedicated to establish this young organization as one of the champions in the realm of financial services for the underprivileged.

Ananya was incorporated as a Company in April 2009, and had received the Non-banking Finance Company license from Reserve Bank of India. However, the seeds of this organization were planted several years back in the deliberations within FWWB’s Board of Trustees. It was unanimously decided that a dedicated entity was a prerequisite for furthering the access to financial services for the poor agenda. A larger lending book necessitated a larger capital base and supporting management structure that is easier to achieve in a Non-Banking Finance Company structure.

The Journey So Far


  • Incorporated in 2009.
  • Took over the FWWB MFI portfolio of Rs.374 Cr on 01-Apr-2010. Valuation done at Rs.45 Cr including goodwill of Rs.30 Cr.
  • Disbursed an additional Rs.385 Cr taking the GLP to over Rs.500 Cr during the period.
  • Operations hit by the AP Microfinance crisis in Oct 2010.
  • Total Income of Rs.56 Cr.


  • AP portfolio severly hit with bad assets mounting to Rs.51 Cr.
  • Bad assets write off and goodwill ammortization lead to a Rs.81 Cr impact on P&L wiping out the entire networth.
  • Rs.33.5 Cr additional Equity raised to keep the networth positive.
  • Despite losses, no delays in debt servicing. Debt of Rs.280 Cr serviced during this period against debt raised of just Rs.50 Cr.
  • Loan disbursements totalling to Rs.181 Cr done during the period.
  • Total income of Rs.49.5 Cr.


  • Networth has increased to Rs.22 Cr. CAR is comfortably placed at 24%.
  • 2 new lenders added.
  • Rs.36.5 Cr debt raised.
  • Direct origination commenced to create a PSL qualifying portfolio.
  • Diversification into Agribusiness finance.
  • 64 clients, Rs.78 Cr of loans disbursed, GLP increased to Rs.72 Cr.
  • Stressed portfolio (PAR 0) at 0.43% of GLP.
  • Total Income of Rs.10.6 Cr