Ananya Finance offers Credit support to socially relevant enterprises at affordable and competitive interest rates. The tenures vary between 6 months and 36 months. Ananya Finance also offers customized loan products for Community based Organizations and different livelihood oriented enterprises.

Ananya Finance presently extends loans at a Rate of Interest ranging from 13% p.a. to 18% p.a. on a reducing balance basis. The ROI varies from loan to loan depending on Ananya’s cost of borrowing, the borrower’s profile and internal & external ratings, nature of loan – whether unsecured, secured or partially secured, and end-use, tenor and repayment frequency of the loan.


Ananya Finance, in line with its core values that of promoting socially responsible microfinance and helping the partner MFIs to build their capacities at different levels and as an organization which believes in impacting the lives of the poor and especially women, social performance management becomes all the more critical to integrate it in the systems and processes of the MFIs with whom Ananya partners and would be partnering.

Ananya received grant from IFC with the objective to build the capacities of the partner organizations at different levels and helping them integrate and implement their systems and processes in line with the Responsible Finance Management System (RFMS) which essentially talks about adaptation of RBI guidelines, Unified Code of Conduct, Social Performance Management and Client Protection Principles.


Research and Advisory services
Ananya finance helps its partners as well as non-partners in undertaking various types of research,
Using market research to design programmes
Market research to understand the needs, opportunities and preferences of microfinance and micro-entrepreneurs, eventually helping the organizations in developing appropriate products and services
Gap analysis in an organization to help them build / streamline their processes
Short impact assessments to assess the impact of the products offered
Case studies, sharing of best practices

Management support and advisory for organization includes, strategic planning and programme design, capacity building, monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment.

Poverty measurement
Measuring and benchmarking the poverty of households who are microfinance clients – or participants in any development programme intended to serve the poor – is an important strategic tool to measure depth of outreach, and to understand the client profile. Application of the Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI) developed by Mark Schreiner, supported by Grameen Foundation.
Ananya includes the PPI as part of
training on SPM
mentoring MFIs to introduce the tool within routine operations
social performance assessments.

Assessments & Evaluations
Despite being a for-profit entity, Ananya continues to retain the social mission: reaching out to the poor women, especially in the underserved regions, ensuring access to credit that impacts their lives and their livelihood activities. In this context, assessments and evaluations are an integral part of the organization.
Ananya undertakes,
Ananya is committed to meeting the needs of small and emerging MFIs in under-served areas by providing Technical Assistance and Advisory services in different functional and strategic domains. The Technical Assistance and Advisory Services will be customized for the concerned MFI.

Organisational Assessments (OA), offers a holistic assessment, covering all aspects of a financial rating (Governance, Management Systems and Financial Profile) with the Seven principles of client protection and other key social aspects such as mission alignment. The new framework therefore captures all dimensions of an MFI functioning which have a bearing on its sustainability.Integration of key social issues into the rating framework also addresses public policy concerns on institutional practices in lending to the poor.

Client Protection Assessments (CPA), It’s a mechanism for a financial institution to mitigate the risk of harming its client’s business potential as it takes the institution through a process of internal review to identify strengths, weaknesses and ultimately opportunities to enhance its practices around client protection.

Social Performance Assessments (SPA), that incorporates the key elements of existing social audit tools and social rating and is aligned to social reporting standards. SPA covers all elements of SPM, strategy and operations, providing a gap analysis and recommendations on areas to strengthen. The SPA has the option to include direct surveys/interviews for client level profiling, feedback and staff satisfaction.